The World famous Coed Coch Stud was started from very small beginnings in 1924 when the owner, Miss Brodrick and her stud groom, my great-grandfather John Jones, decided that a few mountain ponies would be useful to eat down the grasses left by the cattle and sheep. They began by buying a few ponies from Mrs Evans, a widow from Trofarth - a neighbouring village. More ponies were gradually acquired to increase the herd, including Coed Coch Eirlys - a mare who would help shape the future of the Coed Coch ponies, along with the stallion Grove Sharpshooter who when mated to Eirlys produced the bay filly Coed Coch Seren. Both Eirlys and Seren can be found in most of the pedigrees of the stud.

Supreme Champion Coed Coch Madog

Wyn Jones and Coed Coch Siaradus leading out the foals