Supreme Champion Coed Coch Lili


Our stud was formed in 1978 upon the dispersal of the world famous Coed Coch Stud. The four of us who worked at Coed Coch as stud grooms (my father Shem Jones; "Big" John Jones of the Nantdywyll Stud, John "Bach" Jones and myself ) were each given a mare to start our own studs, and I was very honoured and fortunate to be given Coed Coch Lili, who was a three year old filly at the time.

Lili had been gravely ill as a yearling and we had become very attached to her whilst nursing her back to good health, and therefore when it was decided to disperse the Coed Coch ponies, we asked if it would be possible to purchase her privately, knowing there would be no way we could have afforded to buy her on the open market due to her exceptional breeding (her mother, Coed Coch Tarian was the highest priced female on the sale, bought for £4200). Fortunately for us, the executors of the Late Lt. Col Williams-Wynn's estate decided they would give her to us as a gift. This was like winning the Lottery for us. We were also given the choice of using any one of the stallions we pleased to cover her, so we chose Coed Coch Barrog, knowing that he had produced good stock from Coed Coch Pryd mares in the past. This pairing proved very fortuitous as the following season Nerwyn Cadno was born, thus starting our own stud in earnest.

We now have around twenty-five ponies at the Nerwyn Stud - including three stallions, mares, foals and youngstock.

Supreme Champion Coed Coch Lili

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